It’s I write this I am sitting on a paint bucket, under a palapa, at a skate park, with surf boards above my head, sleeping in tents, no running water, hot, beautiful, hard, rewarding, challenging, stretching, pursuing, ABIDING, ENCOURAGING, LOVE ENCOUNTERS.
We are currently in Pescadaro, Baja California Sur. Yesterday we went put to the beach and handed out free Popsicles and offered prayer to anyone who wanted. Not gonna lie going up to random strangers and offering them Popsicles was a little on the awkward side. Conversations went like this… ” hey would you like a Popsicle ..(awkward silence,weird faces) they are free.. free??? Why ? What are y’all doing? Well we are a group of Christians walking around handing out Popsicles and praying for people. Would you like one? Yeah or some would say no.” And when we would ask if they wanted prayer..their responses varied from “no I’m good.. Too I think my relatioship with God is personal and I pray so thank you… Too YES that would be great”. I can say walking away from the whole experience it was challenging, humbling, stretching, but fun on top of all of that.
For those of you who don’t know we just got off of our R&R time less than a 2weeks ago. Our fearless leaders Steph and Omar came down to hangout with us. We were supposed to be camping during this time but got blessed with a hotel and hot showers and wifi !! WOOT! After R&R we left and headed to Scorpion Bay where we camped and talked with a lot of the surfers there. My first thought here was great I am not going to be doing much ministry considering all the surfers are in the water and I don’t surf … Lol but God changed that .. This week I have been in awe with the people that we have met .. They have just been themselves 100% which is so cool even after finding out with love Jesus. And I have also been amazed with the power of prayer. Like one morning I was talking to a group of people who were having breakfast and we talked about what it was exactly we were doing and before they left I felt the urge to offer to pray over their travels. (In moments like this one, there are 2 outcomes, 1. Yes or 2. They reject it and you) They were beyond excited to have me pray over their travels. Honestly not that great of a prayer but when I had finished they were beyond blessed and all smiles. They hugged my friend Anna and I and then left. PAUSE… GOD IS GOOD steps of obedience are so cool.
Something even cooler than that is today we broke into groups and each group was given a 100pesos to pray about and bless people. So stinkin cool!!! We had the awesome privilege of buying 3 people coffee, I wish I could have captured their faces when we offered to buy their drinks. So confused but said yes 🙂 I could have done that all day 🙂 God is good.
We are on the last leg of our journey and head out to Cabo San Lucas in the morning. I believe we are partnered with a church there. This is our second to last stop before we start our journey back north to Ensenada. We will be here 7 days and then on to Loreto for 3days. Please continue to pray for my team and I as we are all tired but really wanna seek what The Lord has for us in the next 11days of outreach. Ahh I just typed 11 days so stinkin crazy!!!!!!!! 20 days and I will be back in Texas. It’s been one crazy , stretching, challenging, encouraging journey that The Lord has brought me on. Below is a few of the pictures of where we are and where we have been.

20140517-161839.jpg 20140517-161846.jpg 20140517-161855.jpg 20140517-161901.jpg

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