Wow it’s been a whirl wind of a couple of weeks. In the past two weeks we have heard about missions and built a house for a family in need. It was for a single mom who had 10 kids and 6 of those 10 live with her. So in 3days time we built from a concrete slab all the way up. If you could have seen how much it meant to the family … IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

20140317-194646.jpg 20140317-194700.jpg 20140317-200106.jpg 20140317-200115.jpg 20140317-200129.jpg

We also went on an intense camping trip for 2.5days of hiking 5 mountains, 20miles worth of medium level terrain with all of our livelihood on our backs. Our packing list included: 1 notebook, 1 Bible, 1 pen, 1 sleeping bag, 1 towel, 1 pair of jeans, 1 swimsuit, 3 undies, 2 shirts, 2 jackets, 3 socks, toothbrush, 1 hat/beanie, 1 pair of shoes, 1 knife, 1 flashlight, 1 bowl, 1 cup, 1 spoon, 1 water bottle, 1 sleeping pad, sunblock. Mind you all of this fit into one Jans sport backpack. Niko means overcome in the Greek. And boy did I have to over come some things! A new level of pride was taken from me which is awesome and God just continues to pour out His love out on me.

20140317-202702.jpg 20140317-202710.jpg 20140317-202716.jpg 20140317-202722.jpg 20140317-202729.jpg 20140317-202737.jpg

The Lord is good in everything!! We found out that as a team all we have left to pay for the lecture phase is $2700 we started with needing 42,000, and all our team has left for Outreach phase is $4,158 we started with needing 18,000. Let’s just stop there … PRAISE GOD !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers they are both continual blessings to me. We will be leaving for outreach in 16 days. Soo excited!! Love you all

Blessings Stasia


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