Rough, Interesting, Challenging

Wow! This past month has been a whirl wind. From speakers being dead on what has been spoken over me for years to new depths of humility. God is moving in crazy ways and pushing me deeper each week. Oh we finally figured out where we are going for our outreach drum roll ……….. All the way down the Baja ! We will be stopping in a few places on the way down and stopping in a few places on the way back. From what our leaders told us there are a bunch of skaters and surfing in almost every area that we will be in. But we will also be doing a lot of different things besides surfing and skating. Once I know more I will let y’all know! On another note this week we will be doing a house build which most DTS students don’t get the opportunity. I am beyond excited to build! But on the other side I know that it is going to make me miss working with my dad. I think the coolest thing that The Lord showed me last week especially is to not identify myself with my calling but identify myself with Him. He also said He called me His daughter before He called me to be a pastor.

Please continue to pray for my team and finances we exactly one month away till we leave for outreach which sounds so crazy!!! I am excited to see what The Lord is going to do in the next month and also on outreach. Also please pray specifically for the people that we will encounter while we are on outreach.


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  1. Hey sweet Anna! I just found your blog.. yes…. I did not know that you had one up until I confirmed with Keeks! Go figure. I enjoyed reading about your experience but one line really stood out to me…God you are worth the discomfort, you are worth the tears,you are worth being set apart, you are worth living a higher standard… these words are really powerful and touched my heart. God is worth it. Today is the first day of lent and I have been struggling with what I was going to “give up” your words put everything into perspective. Brady Herbert our new pastor was on fire last Sunday… one small part of his sermon was “giving up for lent” that we should pick out what is keeping up from being with God not just chocolate….I have been struggling with this because it pushes a bit, but your words spoke to me tonight… it is all worth it. Love you and pray for you many times during the day. I cant wait until we hear more details of your journey. I will be checking in since I know you are blogging…

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