I have arrived!!

Hola !!! I have officially arrived in Ensenada Mexico !! 

For those of you who don’t know I am officially fully funded. Let’s take a second and praise Jesus for that!!!… Okay now that we have done that I need y’all to be praying for the rest of my team please, I think most of them still need a lot of funds to come in. Oh so my team there is 14 of us total and we are all pretty laid back which makes for an easy transition. Nothing really to report right now except that The Lord re confirmed why i choose this school in the first place and that is because of their hearts to reach the youth! He also showed me that my team was my family for the next 5-6months which burned within me. Another moment to pause and praise Jesus. I am excited and extremely grateful for the support team that The Lord has given me… So thank you!!!!!! 


Blessings Anastasia 


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