The Beginning

The journey began about 4years ago when The Lord gave me a dream about YWAM. I had no idea what it was or what The Lord was going to do with it, but that soon changed … Well the part of not knowing what it was. The following week the guest speaker for lecture was the director of YWAM. I remember just laughing like Lord you are funny. Now over the past 4 years my sister Keelee has continued to bring it up every 6 months or so just to keep it alive inside my mind and in the last year it seems to have come up more than once which is cool but it also meant other doors were shutting. Some times I would get frustrated when The Lord would shut a door that I thought was for sure thing but then about month later I was able to see why and it was good. There was one more door shut before He opened the door to YWAM and the Pastor was amazing and it looked like a done deal until I fasted and The Lord shut it.

I am now staring YWAM right in the face, so I apply to a school that is located in Mexico and the focus is reaching people thru surfing and skating. It felt like an eternity for them to reply back about my acceptance into their program. Once I received the acceptance I had already put together a support letter and sent out the first string of them. I have since had a crazy awesome support from my friends and family. Just last night Keelee’s family held a fundraiser dinner and the response was great I am almost to my goal for the school payment portion of my fundraising. Woot !

Thank you please continue to pray !


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